From ISIS’s Prisons to Iran’s Prisons; a Letter from Hamzeh Darvish

HRANA News Agency – Hamzeh Darvish, 24-year-old prisoner from Talesh, claims that in 2014, ISIS troops tricked him into Turkey and then he traveled to Syria. He had been in ISIS jail for some time, then escaped to Iran and introduced himself to the security forces, and even had the chance to be freed by guarantee and to have quail breeding business. He was arrested unexpectedly, sometime ago, and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. Mr. Darvishpour has a very bad physical and mental condition so that he cannot do his daily and personal affairs.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Hamzeh Darvish is a young prisoner who suffers from serious mental and psychological problems. Mr. Darvish wrote a letter addressed to public opinion months ago and before his mental condition was so inappropriate, and asked for human rights organizations’ help.
This young prisoner begins the mentioned letter with introducing himself: “I am Hamzeh Darvish, 24, from Talesh, in Gilan. I was born in a Sunni and poor family and due to financial difficulties, after high school I could not continue my study.  2 years ago, when I was 22 years old, I was invited to Turkey by a friend who had been a member of ISIS and expressed regret and wanted to go back to Iran,  but his leg was injured and needed nursing, and I went to Turkey but unfortunately I was unaware that it was a trick to get me. When I arrived in Turkey, for a couple of weeks, I was with some Iranian Kurdish people until my friend came from Syria, but one night I went with this people in a car to my friend’s place, but without any words and asking me they took me to Syria and I was with ISIS for six months in Syria, that, for a month I was in their jail and then in a hospital for a while.”
This Sunni prisoner claims that during the time he was in ISIS controlled areas, he had been forced to work for them, and hoped to find a way to escape during daily work.
Mr. Darvish explains in detail in his letter to HRANA, that he has been detained and tortured for some time because of protesting against ISIS forces for killing people during suicide bombings in the Kurdish area of Al-Haskeh, in Syria, so hard that his teeth are broken and has been damaged on abdomen and chest.
He claims that the deterioration of his physical condition and his transfer between the treatment centers of the two cities gave him the opportunity to escape. He speaks about his several attempts to escape, and ultimately says: “I took myself to the Turkish border and surrendered to the Turkish police. Although I did not have a good mental and psychological condition, and when I arrived in Turkey and surrendered myself to the Turkish police, they repeatedly beat me and, even several times they wanted to give me back to ISIS, but by a Turkish soldier who was originally Kurdish , I succeeded in contacting the UN organization, and they transferred me to the Foreign Branch Camp, and in order to get my pass letter, I went to Iran Embassy, and ​​I explained my case to the embassy in detail and I wrote my letter of submission and handed over to the Minister, and by telephone and massages by several people, I informed the Ministry of Intelligence that I wanted to return to Iran.”
After an explanation of the coordination with the country’s security apparatus to return to Iran, this Taleshi citizen explains, “When I came to Iran, I was thrown into a cell for two months in solitary confinement of Ward 209 in Evin prison, and I was released on July 19, 2015, on bail.”
Mr. Darvish who says that he has never seen any military training in his life and has not participated in any military activity, and as he essentially believes his travel to Turkey and then to Syria contrary to his will, and because he volunteered to go to the country’s Intelligence, he started his normal life then.
Regarding his normal life and his life after returning to Iran, he says: “When I came back to Iran, I was thrown into solitary confinement of Ward 209 in Evin prison, for two months. I was released on bail on July 19, 2015, and for one year I was bailed out and I was running my business as; The Caspian Quail Breeding. A year later, on June 30, 2016, I was arrested again and after 100 days of solitary confinement, I was transferred to Ward Four of Evin Prison, and told that I should be tried, then I was tried by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court and charged with Moharebeh through the membership in the ISIS and the illegal escape from the country, on February 27, 2017, and on March 29, 2017, I was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. I appealed and my case is now in The Supreme Court.”
At the end of his letter, Mr. Darvish emphasized: “I was a 24-year-old youth; I became a victim of a crime. According to which law and which logic and which conscience should the victim be punished? Now, I am calling on Amnesty International and human rights organizations to hear my call for innocence and help, and I urge them to use their best efforts to get my rights.”
As mentioned, the letter refers to the history of the months before, that now, parts of it are published. During this time, Mr. Dervish’s mental condition has deteriorated.
The situation of this young man has been so badly torn that he is virtually unable to coexist with others and do his initial work in prison. His dire psychological condition deteriorates due to officials’ neglect.

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