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The Last Session of Sohail Babadi’s Court Held by Judge Poorarab

Posted on: 19th April, 2016
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Sohail Babadi

HRANA News Agency – After 4 years, the last session of appeal court for Sohail Babadi, prisoner of Rajaei Shahr prison, was held by judge Poorarab.

A close source to this prisoner said in an interview with HRANA that after 4 years the appeal court’s session was held on April 12, and the verdict was expected to be announced the other week.

This informed source said, “interesting point about the court was that although the case was sent 8 months ago to branch number 36, where judge Zargar is the head of the court, the session was presided by judge Poorarab, who is the head of branch 54”.

He speculated about the verdict, “if the collusion charge would drop, or he gets 4 years instead of 5, he will be released and has to go to exile in Boshagerd. But, if the previous sentence is confirmed he has to serve 2 more years in prison, considering the number of charges”.

This source added, “The documents are fabricated and even in official comment of legal specialist is written that the Facebook account could not be associated with Sohail”.

Sohail Babadi, prisoner of Rajaei Shahr, is suffering from kidney infection and kidney stone. He has been deprived from proper medical treatments because due to not having a certain sentence, he cannot be sent to furlough.

Babadi was arrested for satiric comments in a Facebook page with the name of “the campaign for reminding Imam Naghi to Shiits) on May 21, 2012. He was charged with sacrilege and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Recently he was sentenced to 7 years in prison on charge of collusion against the national security and insulting the supreme leader.

He wrote a letter, which was published by HRANA in August 2013, and explained his and his family’s physical and psychological torture from being beaten to sexual allegations by the interrogators in order to put him under pressure. He said that due to these pressures, his wife aborted her 4-month-old fetus. Babadi stated in his letter, “the interrogator after hearing this news during a phone call (phone calls are taped) came to me and said happily, that the child was a bastard that had such a destination”.