Mohsen Dogmechi’s wife is called to the prison

HRANA News Agency – The prosecutor of Tehran has called Mohsen Dogmechi ( the political prisoner who died of cancer if Rajai Shahr prison)’s wife to the prison, since the 3 years of prison sentence about her has been confirmed.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Maryam Alangi had been sentenced to 3 years of prison in the section 15 of the revolutionary court of Tehran and the section 36 court of appeal in Tehran confirmed the sentence afterwards.

According to this sentence she must serve these 3 years in exile in Rajai Shahr prison but since the women section of this prison is closed it is not clear which prison she must go to.

Mohsen Dogmechi was one of the well-known merchants of Tehran who was arrested on September 9, 2009 because of giving donations to the families of political prisoners and was sentence to 10 years of prison. He got pancreatic cancer in prison and dies on March 28, 2011 because of not being transferred to the hospital.

Maryam Alangi had been arrested almost one month after the arrest of her husband and was kept in solitary of the section 209 of Evin prison under huge pressures. She was finally released on the bail.

When Mohsen Dogmechi died she was called to the section 15 of the revolutionary court of Tehran because of holding the funeral and having some interviews. The court charged her exactly with the charges of her husband and issued the sentence on the basis of them.

She must go to Evin prison on 30th April.

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