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  • Monthly Report – An Overview of the Human Rights Situation in Iran in Aug-Sep 2016

Monthly Report – An Overview of the Human Rights Situation in Iran in Aug-Sep 2016

Posted on: 19th December, 2016
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Monthly Report

HRANA News Agency – The Department of Statistics and Publications of the Human Rights Activists Association of Iran has published the following monthly report on the human rights situation in Iran during the period of Aug-Sep, 2016 (Persian calendar month of Shahrivar, 1395). This report cannot perfectly and comprehensively reflect the details of human rights concerns in Iran for obvious reasons including the existing governmental limitations and ban on the free exchange of information. It should be noted that in addition to the monthly reports, the Department of Statistics and Publications of the Human Rights Activists Association of Iran publishes a comprehensive and analytical annual report at the end of each year.

An Analytical Overview on the Human Rights Situation in Iran Aug-Sep 2016

The systematic violation of human rights in Iran continued in the month of Shahrivar of the Persian calendar year, 1395 (Aug-Sep, 2016). The violations of human rights continued in this month with 40 executions in the provinces of Ardebil, Alborz, Khorasan Razavi, Kerman, Gilan, and Hormazgan.


Unfortunately there was significant number of executions in this month. Some of the most noted reports regarding the execution of prisoners in the month of Shahrivar included execution of 7 prisoners in Yazd; execution of 12 prisoners in the prison of Karaj; the execution of 7 members of Iranian Navy in Bandar Abbas.

In contrast to the executions, there were a few cases of pardon and forgiveness in this month when the families of victims exonerated the criminals.

Religious and Ethnic Minorities

The violations of the religious and ethnic minorities’ rights continued in this month. The most notable cases were the arrest and unknown location of nine Arab citizen; the arrest of 16 citizens in the city of Dezful; the arrest of several Kurdish workers in Sardasht.

In connection with the violation of rights of Baha’i citizens, less discrimination and harassment were reported in this month. Mainly, a Baha’i youth has been reported to be deprived of education.

There were some reports regarding the violations of Sunnis’ rights including the arrest of two clerics in Normashir of Balouchestan.

On the rights of Christian citizens, the arrest of seven Christians in Firoozkooh was reported.


Regarding children’s rights, there were a couple of reports, the most notable of which were rape and murder of a 7 years old girl in Nayshabour; the death of three children in a family because of lack of birth certificate; more than 150,000 kids suffering from malnutrition.


In the category of women rights, there were several reports of assaults against Iranian women who have been continuously suppressed and deprived of their rights. Some of the most notable reports on women rights violations in this month were increasing rate of addiction amongst women; a women who was seeking refuge in a health and wellness service was murdered by her husband; the religious decree (Fatwa) of the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, to ban women from riding in public.

Labor rights

In this month, there were many reports related to the labors’ rights movements or violations of labor rights including the reports on 6 million people unemployed (official report) or 11 million people unemployed (unofficial report); the arrest of several workers in the Razi Petrochemical complex; the death of 90 workers in the first four months of the year in Tehran; dismissal of at least 30 workers; 10 workers banned from entering the workplace; the trial of two labor rights activists.

In this month, there were also 15 reports on workplace fatal accidents resulting from improper safety measures.


In the field of trade union and union rights, there were a few reports in this month including shutdown of 825 clothing businesses in the country; shutdown of “Alayandeh Production unit” in Nimrouz.

Health and Environment

In the field of health and environmental protection, there were a few reports mainly involving draught and air pollution including discharge of the Central Parselioun prison of Lorestan sewage into neighboring farm lands; the death of many individuals as a result of air pollution; the destruction of 360 SQ. meter forests and ecosystem.

Specific Attention to the Violation of Human Rights

In this section of this monthly report, we highlight the most controversial and publicly sensitive cases of violations of human rights in Iran in the month of Aug-Sep 2016. It is obvious that more attention does not necessarily indicate the magnitude of the violations of human rights in that specific category.

Some of the most noted reports in this month were: a young Bahia’ deprived of education; honor killing – a father murdered his daughter being skeptical of potential extramarital affairs; the report on the latest situation of several Christian citizens arrested in Firouzkouh; the shutdown of 825 clothing businesses; the arrest of 7 Christian in Firouzkouh; the ban on women entering café; raping some of the girls attending martial art classes; a man, who was in affair, murdered his wife because of extramarital affair; lashes on Ehsan Haddadi because of sexual harassment of a 30 years old girl; cancelation of Hamid Asgari’s concert in Mazandaran.

The least underlined human rights violations

In contrast to the reports indicated in the previous section, many human rights reports received little or no attention from social media, bloggers, Internet activists, who are considered key contributors of the public opinion. It should be note that this unintentional or intentional negligence has resulted in further spread of human rights violations in Iran.

The least noted reports relevant to the violation of human rights include the arrest of 16 citizens in the city of Dezful; the arrest of several Kurdish workers in Sardasht; the arrest of two clerics in Normashir of Balouchestan; arrest and lashing of an Afghan citizen; many young girls at risk of honor killing; Reza Rouygari, the famous actor, was banned from acting for four years; the destruction of a 5000 years old ancient building to build a villa; the arrest of the employees of Razi Petrochemical complex; the third day of strike of the employees of Omran Maroun factory; 2408 kids living off the streets of Tehran; the execution of at least 12 prisoners  in the prison of Karaj.