At Least 5 Prisoners Executed in Karaj

HRANA News Agency – At least five drug offenders were executed at the central prison of Karaj. At least one of these prisoners had a vague proceeding, and his family insisted on his innocence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), 5 to 7 prisoners with drug-related charges in the central prison of Karaj had been transferred to solitary confinement for execution, on October 22, and their sentences were carried out the day after.

HRANA was able to verify the identities of three of these prisoners as follows: “Saeed (Hassan) Pourhasan, Milad Beygdeloo (Ghazi) and Mehrshad Kalhori from Hall four.” These prisoners were kept in prison since four years ago. Also, “Ayat Rodbari and Mohsen Jamali” are the other names that HRANA is trying to find out about their situation.

According to the data provided by this human rights organization, at least Saeed Pourhassan, 25, had questionable proceedings. His family insisted on his innocence.

A close source to Pourhassan family explained to HRANA’s reporter: “Saeed had gone to get a personal debt from one of his neighbors. He even had seen the officers but did not know what was going on because he had no idea what they were doing, and then when he went to that house, he was arrested as well. The case was sent only once to the Amnesty and Clemency Commission. Even the judge said ‘the sentence was wrong, but we had no time, if we had time until tomorrow at 2 pm, the deadline, then we would stop the ruling.’”

Families of prisoners were able to do the last meeting the day before.

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