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Nasrin Sotoudeh and Her Housband Arrested by Intelligence Agents

Posted on: 11th December, 2014
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Nasrin Sotoudeh

HRANA News Agency – Reza Khandan and Nasrin Sotoudeh were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence agents when they were leaving their house. The gathering in front of the Lawyers Association was held in a security condition and the security forces took photographs and film of the participants.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following a daily routine, Mrs. Sotoudeh along with her husband, Reza Khandan, were going for a sit in outside the Lawyers Association building to protest at the revocation of her Attorney license, but, this time the Ministry of Intelligence agents stopped their car in Kurdistan Motorway and detained both of them.

The agents of Intelligence service transferred them to one of the Intelligence service centers and at 12 noon, released Mr. Khandan, but, Nasrin Sotoudeh was released after some hours.

Indeed, a number of civil activists who had planned to join Nasrin Sotoudehon in front of the Lawyers Association on the International day of Human Rights, held the rally without her.

The rally was held with the widespread presence of security forces and security guards attempted to take photos and film of the protesters. Also after the end of the rally the security forces attempted to pursue participants and some unconfirmed reports about the arrest of at least one of the participants in the rally has been received so far.

One of the participants in the rally, told HRANA’s reporter: “After the rally participants were chased by security guards, and later on when I tried to contact them, some of them did not answer their mobile phones.”

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