Hunger Strike at Uremia Prison Is Still Going On

HRANA News Agency – Twentieth day of hunger strike of 26 political prisoners detained in the central prison of Uremia (Darya) passed while the authorities regardless of the strikers’ demands were trying to convince them to break their strike.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Thursday 20th November, prisoners in ward 12 of central prison of Uremia to protest against the lack of “crime based wards’ separation” role and the problems with some primary facilities, have gone on unlimited hunger strike, but still their demands are denied.
In this regard, Ali Afshari, one of the strikers, was taken to the security office inside the prison. A representative of the Intelligence Ministry talked to him by telephone and by threatening asked him to break his hunger strike.
It is worth noting that, Arafat Asghari, a political prisoner in the central prison of Uremia, who was among the strikers, has been released, so that there are 26 prisoners still on hunger strike:
Ali Afshari, Jafar Afshari, but Afshari, Habib Afshari, Keyhan Darvishi, Shirkoo Hassanpour, Mohammad Abdullahi, Khazar Rasoolyrad, Saman Naseem, Amir Moladost, Sirwan Nezhavi, Jafar Mirzayi, Ebrahim Rezapour , Mohammad abdulbakht, Abdullah Asghari, Abdulrahman Sulaiman, Seyd Sami Hosseini, Abdullah Hammoudi, Ahmad Tamoei, Osman Mostafapour, Behrooz Alkhani, Mostafa Al-Rahman, Yousef Ka’kahmami, Seyed Jamal Mohammadi, Alireza Rasooli, Shoresh Afshari, Mostafa Davoodi.

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