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A Report about Chari Mohammad Moradov’s Situation at Evin Prison

Posted on: 20th January, 2015
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Chari Mohammad Moradov

HRANA News Agency – Chari Mohammad Moradov, the Turkmenistan citizen, who has sentenced to 21 years in prison in an unclear condition, on charge of propaganda against the regime by participating in protests after the presidential elections and espionage, is spending his sixth year in Evin prison, while he has been deprived of having a lawyer or any contact with his family.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Chari Mohammad Moradov, born in 1976, is a Turkmenistan citizen. He was sent to Iran by ministry of science in 1997, after being accepted as a scholarship candidate. He received his bachelor degree in political science from Tehran University, and was successfully accepted for scholarship for master degree in Diplomacy and International Organizations major, from School of International Relations of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was accepted a part time job position as translator for a Russian company, which was coincide with aftermath of presidential election. He was arrested by intelligence service and after 40 days interrogation and spending 3 and half months in solitary confinement in ward 209, finally he was sentenced to 21 years of jail. His charges are as following: one year in prison for attending in protests after the presidential election in 2009 and propaganda against the regime; ten years in prison for espionage for Turkmenistan government; and finally, ten years in prison for cooperation in illegal activities of Zapolyarny Company.

Chari Mohammad Moradov is starting 6th year of serving in prison, while has been deprived of a transparent judicial proceeding. He has served 9 months in ward number 8 and 4 years in ward 350 and near 6 months in quarantine of ward umber 7 in Evin prison. Despite employing a lawyer for his appeal court, the lawyer was not allowed to review the case and after being threatened by the intelligence service forces, he had to resign.

Need to be mentioned, in his preliminary trial, lawyer, representative attorney, representative of his country’s embassy and also interpreter were not available and session was performed just by judge and intelligence service forces. He had no visit with his family or friends during past five years and just visited the representative of embassy once or twice a year. He has no financial support in Iran and just by selling handcraft tried to overcome the expenses. He has lost his parents during these years.

As reminder, Mr. Moradov has rejected the charges and frequently requested human rights organizations and the government of Turkmenistan for convincing Iran’s judiciary to hold a fair and public trial.