A Campaign Has Begun in Support of Imprisoned Teachers in Iran

HRANA News Agency – Teachers Association of Iran, Tehran (ITTA), has announced the launch of a campaign calling to put an end to the imprisonment of 2 teachers; Rasool Bodaghi and Mahmoud Bagheri.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), ITTA of Iran, Tehran, issued a call to the Iranian people, inviting them to support the efforts to release the imprisoned teachers, Mr. Rasool Bodaghi and Mr. Mahmoud Bagheri.

This call has stated that: “It is more than five years that Rasool Bodaghi is imprisoned and Mahmoud Bagheri is in the 4th year of imprisonment. It is five years that Rasool Bodaghi has been held in prison without a single day of leave, while prisoners with highest level of Criminal Records have used this legal right. This is several years that Rasool Bodaghi’s innocent girls have been waiting to embrace their beloved father and Mahmoud Bagheri’s children are deprived of their father’s guidance and support. However, these are all only because of honestly defending the rights of their trade partners, that unfortunately and very surprisingly are happening in the Islamic regime.”

The campaign calls all different classes of Iranian people, inviting them to join the campaign and support the release of imprisoned teachers.

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