A Report about the Great Prison of Tehran

Posted on: 26th May, 2016
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Great Prison of Tehran

HRANA News Agency – Despite the promises of officials of Iranian prisons, Great prison of Tehran, known as Fashafuieh, is in a very undesirable condition.

Iranian media reported that the first phase of this prison was opened last summer, after fifteen years. Photos and descriptions of these media were suggesting that the prison was very modern and well equipped. But, how close the reports are to the reality?

In this regard, an informed source told HRANA’s reporter in an interview: “After the strikes and riots by the death row prisoners in Unit two of Ghezelhesar prison, just about 100 inmates were transferred from Unit two to Great prison of Tehran. It is 17 months that they are living in very bad conditions. On arrival, the prisoners were severely beaten, so that the hand bones of some of these prisoners were broken. These prisoners are moved once a month and do not have a good situation, at all”.

Iranian media’s reports had described the infirmary of the prison as a very well equipped medical Centre. As in one of the reports it was said; “As you enter the hallway and clinic rooms, for a while you forget that you are in a prison.”

But this source added in this regard that: “The condition of being transferred to the prison infirmary is same as what it was in Ghezelhesar. After one week or 10 days when the prisoner is dying, then he will be transferred to infirmary and then they will be given just some simple medicines or tablets.”

He added: “The situation of going in fresh air in the wards’ yard and phone calls are very limited and even worse than Ghezelhesar prison.”

Another witness about this prison said: “So far, only two parts of this prison is in use for the prisoners and these two parts are called “type 1 and type 2”. The rooms have a capacity of 70 prisoners, and each room has about 10 beds and the rest of them have to sleep on the floor and do not have a good situation.”

At the end, regarding the health situation in the prison, he added: “This prison is new and therefore its health status is good.”