Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Followers Arrested in Tehran

HRANA News Agency – Security and police forces prevented Mohammad Ali Taheri’s fans from gathering and arrested some of them.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), security and police forces stopped the rally by the followers of Mohammad Ali Taheri in front of Dena Tire building and a number of attendees were arrested and taken to unknown locations, on Thursday 12th May.
The names of some of the detainees are; Shabnam Azizpour Farhad Gholampoor, Saeid Shir Mohammadi, Ali Darbari, Pedram Parsa, Mohammad Taqi Nasab, Bahram Latifi, Fatemeh Latifi and Sina Ahsan.
Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of the “Erfane Hagheh” was arrested on May 4, 2011 on charges of blasphemy, unlawful act of adultery and for contact with a “non-mahram” woman’s wrist during practicing supernatural treatment and accused was of involvement in the medical treatment, unlawful earning and distribution of audio-visual products and unauthorized use of academic medical titles, and was sentenced to a total of five years imprisonment, 74 lashes and fined 9 billion IRR.
Mr. Taheri again was interrogated on charges of corruption on the earth in the summer of 2014, the issue that had been reviewed previously, and he was tried for this charge in March 2014 and finally, he was charged with misleading people and was sentenced to death, in June 2015.  His lawyers have appealed the sentence.
Saeid Khalil, one of Mr. Taheri’s lawyers announced the rejection of his client’s death sentence in Supreme Court, Branch 33, and its referral to Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court for retrial on December 20, 2015.

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