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The Sentence of Blinding a Prisoner’s Eye Stopped

Posted on: 2nd July, 2017
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Mojtaba Yasavoli

HRANA News Agency – After the consent of the acid attack victim, the blinding sentence of Mojtaba Yasavoli was stopped and this prisoner was released. Retribution of an eye of Mr. Yasavoli was the first sentence in Iran after 56 years after the law was passed, and it was executed in March 2015.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the sentence of blinding second eye of Mojtaba Yasavoli (Saheli) who had blinded another person in 2009 with acid, was stopped after complainant’s consent.

HRANA had reported previously that the retribution sentence of blinding first eye of Mojtaba Yasavoli, prisoner of Rajaei Shahr prison, with acid, was executed after 5 years on March 3, 2015, by presence of judge Mohammad Shahriyari, deputy of Tehran prosecutor and president of criminal prosecution office, prison and forensic officials and some of physicians. The defendant was given some time to provide the blood money and medical treatment expenses of the victim, in order to prevent the execution of the sentence for his second eye.

This defendant is alleged with throwing acid on a driver causing his blindness.

The victim stated after the incident, “I was in my taxi that two people riding a motorcycle threw acid on me. Due to the conflict that I had with my wife, I suspect that she might be involved”.

After being arrested, and during the investigation the offender confessed that, “I was hired by two women. On the incident day, I and my friend followed the driver and after throwing acid we ran away with the motorcycle”.

The judges in the criminal court of Qom, sentenced him to be completely blinded on two eyes, blood money and 10 years of imprisonment. The other offender was sentenced to lashes and three years in prison.

After 5 years and confirmation of the sentence in the Supreme Court, the case was sent to the prosecutor’s office for the execution.

Blinding of first eye of Mojtaba Saheli was the first retribution sentence of acid attack that was executed after 56 years, and it was executed in March 2015.