Ayatollah Nekounam Sent to Furlough

HRANA News Agency – Ayatollah Nekounam, critic clergy who is ill, was sent to medical furlough from Salehi prison in Qom.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ayatollah Mohammadreza Nekounam was sent to furlough, following the approval of special clergy court on Saturday March 18.
A close source to this clergy told HRANA’s reporter that no time line had given to this furlough and explained, “during past week his blood pressure and sugar level had severe fluctuation, in addition to this, his both kidneys are aching and his eyes are soaring. His sore eye has been continued for the past three months and he had not received any medical treatment, because prison clinic does not have ophthalmology”.
During recent weeks, forensic has issued the exemption from bearing the punishment for the third time for this imprisoned clergy.
Need to be reminded that Ayatollah Nekounam, born in 1948, is a critic clergy who was arrested in January 2015 after criticizing the speeches that were against high speed internet, and following the complaint from some influential clergies.
Mohammadreza Nekounam was being kept in Saheli prison in Qom, despite being suffered from bad physical and health condition.
He had one stroke in prison and rise in blood pressure and blood sugar level and deterioration of eye sights are results of that. In spite of all of these, prison authorities prevented him from receiving proper medical treatment.

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