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Soheil Arabi’s Case Sent Back to the Court of Appeal

Posted on: 30th August, 2015
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Soheil Arabi

HRANA News Agency – Soheil Arabi’s case has been sent to equivalent court branch to be tried on September 1.

Amirsalar Davoodi, Soheil Arabi’s lawyer, in an interview with HRANA said, “After the death sentence of Soheil Arabi was denied in branch number 34 of the Supreme Court, with chief judge Eslami, the file has been sent to branch number 10 of penal court and the submission to court has been received, dated for September 1”.

The death sentence of Sohail Arabi was denied in the Supreme Court in June.

Previously, following publication lies and false accusation by three websites of Fars News, Jahan News and Dana against Soheil Arabi, and complaint of the lawyers, one of these website were charged.

Need to be mentioned, these websites had spread lies against Soheil Arabi, which resulted in complaint of Soheil Arabi’s family, and after publicizing an image from the court’s sentence, it became evident that these websites publicized false news against this citizen.

Sohail Arabi was accused of Sab-e-Nabi (insulting the prophet), based on a post in his Facebook page, which had been a philosophical understanding based on his studies. Last November, when the Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence, Soheil Arabi was in danger of being executed, but after the efforts of the lawyers, the case was sent back to the Supreme Court, and by denial of the branch number 34 of the Supreme Court, Soheil Arabi was saved from execution.

The death sentence had been issued, while when a defendant claims that he/she stated something by mistake, by force, in impaired or anger condition, or without noting the definition or applications of the words, or it has been a quotation, it could not be considered as insulting the prophet.

This prisoner is currently kept in ward number 350 of Evin prison and is waiting for the final verdict of the court.