A Sunni prisoner is transferred to solitary

Posted on: 18th September, 2013
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  • Editor: Human
  • Translator: Ramyar Hassani
  • Source:
Aram Mikaili

HRANA News Agency – Farzad Samadi the Sunni prisoner in Saqqez prison has been transferred to solitary confinement; Also Osman Ahsani and Aram Mikaili have been banned of visitation.


One of the Sunni prisoners in Saqqez prison told HRANA reporter “Farzad Samadi has been transferred to solitary confinement due to an argument which was begun by the stimulation of the officers.”


“Osman Ahsani and Aram Mikaili are the other two Sunni prisoners in Saqqez prison who have been banned of visitation and phone calls due to the same story.”


“In saqqez prison there are only three political Sunni prisoners.”


“Farzad Samadi has been sentenced to five years of imprisonment and Aram Mikaili to 9 years on the only charge of promoting Sunni Islam in the mosques. By the way when they were transferred to Saqqez prison the authorities kept them for 15 days and banned of visitation in quarantine to force them to shave their beards.”