Abbas Haghgooi Receives Six-Month Prison Sentence for Political Charges

A judge from the Revolutionary Court in Shaft County, Gilan Province, has sentenced Abbas Haghgooi Takrami to six months in prison.

Haghgooi, approximately 55 years old, was found guilty of “propaganda against the regime.” This charge was supported by evidence of him publishing videos, pictures, and written articles on social media.

Earlier, the Criminal Court sentenced him to three months in prison and a fine for “disseminating false information” in a separate case. This verdict was upheld by the Appellate Court of Gilan Province. However, the court acquitted him of the charge of “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran.”

Currently serving his sentence in Lakan Prison in Rasht, Haghgooi was recently granted furlough.

Haghgooi was arrested by security forces on April 26, 2023, and later was released pending legal proceedings.