Five Detainees in Borujerd under Pressure for False Confessions

Posted on: April 23rd, 2018

HRANA News Agency – The Ministry of Intelligence issued a statement announcing the arrest of “the core of the terrorist group in Borujerd”. The statement claimed that the core has played a role in subversive acts during the recent national protests. Also, a member of this group has been wounded in a clash during the arrest, according to the security agency. Two hours after the issuance of the announcement, two of the arrestees were brought to the provincial TV and confessed against themselves.

Close relatives to these people, in contact with HRANA, rejected the allegations and said “they were merely part of the protesters in recent events; two of the detainees referred to are known underground artists in the Lorestan region, and none of them has a previous prison record or previous political activity.” The families of these people are worried that their children will be victimized by the security system’s advertising scenarios, which have a background. (more…)