The furlough of the priest Sabokrooh and his wife has been denied

Posted on: 13th August, 2013
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  • Translator: Ramyar Hassani
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Farhad Sabokrooh

HRANA News Agency – The authorities denied the furlough of Farhad Sabokrooh the priest of Rabani community church of Ahwaz and his wife Shahnaz Jizan.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the judge in the court denied the furlough of the priest Farhad Sabokrooh and his wife and alibied that the dossier of Farhad Sabokrooh has been lost.


With the existence of several copies from a dossier, losing a dossier is not such a normal occurrence though.


Farhad Sabokrooh and Shahnaz Jizan were sentenced to one year imprisonment by the revolutionary court on charge of Conversion into christianity, encouraging the other muslims to convert into christianity and propagating against the regime by promoting christianity as missionaries.


Farhad Sabokrooh and his wife Shahnaz Jizan are spending their imprisonment verdict currently in Karoon prison of Ahwaz.