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Two Imprisoned Lawyers’ Children’s Letter to Their Fathers

Posted on: 14th December, 2014
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Abdulfattah Soltani

HRANA News Agency – Abdulfattah Soltani and Mohammad Seifzadeh, two human rights lawyers who have been convicted and detained in charge of defending political prisoners, are now held in Evin and Rajai Shahr prisons.

These two political prisoners’ children have written a short letter on the occasion of International Human Rights Day and turned in to HRANA which is as follows:

This is more than 3 years that you are not beside us. We knew, from the very beginning, that Human Rights path is hard and full of danger, but we believe on your perseverance and we know that you will never stop even for a moment, following truth and rights to set rule of law. Today which is the International Human Rights Day, in your remembrance and all those who are in prison, we remember your kindness and your absence besides us, and we wish that sooner we can embrace you.

Maedeh, daughter of Abdulfattah Soltani

Ali, son of Mohammad Seifzadeh