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Vahid Asghari transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison

Posted on: 23rd August, 2014
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Vahid Asghari Vahid Asghari is an Iranian blogger locked up for five years in Evin.

HRANA News Agency – Vahid Asghari, cyber-crime defendant has been transferred to hall number 12 of Rajaei Shahr prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Vahid Asghari, the imprisoned blogger has taken out from the ward 350 of Evin prison and transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison by security forces, on Wednesday August 13.

He is currently being kept in ward number 4 in hall number 12 which is dedicated to political prisoners.

Vahid Asghari, the IT student of Bangalore university of India, was arrested on May 8, 2008, in Imam Khomeini airport, when he wanted to depart Iran, on charge of founding anti-religion website and insulting Imam Khomeini.

After two years in ward 2-A of IRGC and 240, he was sentenced to death twice in branch number 15 of revolutionary court by chief judge Salavati but each time the verdict was broken by branch number 6 of supreme court.

He refused to go to court for fifth time, on April 8, knowing court as an illegal one and in protest at being tortured in detention.