Yunes Aghayan Imprisoned Since 12 Years Without Furlough

Posted on: 16th December, 2015
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Yunes Aghayan

HRANA News Agency – Yunes Aghayan, political prisoner in Mahabad prison, in the twelfth year of his imprisonment, is still being held along with apolitical prisoners.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Yunes Aghayan, a prisoner held in Mahabad prison who was arrested in the wake of armed clashes between security forces and followers of “Ahle Hagh”, in the village of Uch Tappeh in Miandoab, in October 2014, in the twelfth year of his imprisonment, is still deprived of having furlough.

Yunes Aghayan was sentenced to death and 5 year imprisonment, after his arrest, on charges of combat, by the Revolutionary Court. The sentence finally and following “Leadership’s amnesty” with a degree of mitigation, was commuted to life time imprisonment.