More than 600 men and 300 women arrested during yesterdays protests

HRANA- During yesterdays protests marking the one year anniversary of last years post election unrest, more than 900 people were arrested.

According to information received by HRANA reporters, 300 of those arrested were women. Families have been unable to ascertain information regarding the fate of their loved ones.
In an effort to prevent the gathering of families searching for news of their loved ones, security forces closed off the roads around Greater Tehran Command Headquarters. 
The families of fifteen women, who were without identification when arrested, have been contacted by security officials demanding that they provide them with the proper identifying documentation. 
Families of the arrested men have been told by officials that they can inquire about their fate from state security forces starting tomorrow.
There are unconfirmed reports that at 2am, 30 men ranging in age from 20-25 years, were taken by van to Enghelab Sq. and released.

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