11 prisoners hanged in Ghezel Hesar prison / Ward 2 on Hunger Strike

HRANA News Agency – Following the execution of 10 men and a woman on charge of drug trafficking in Ghezel Hesar prison, 1800 prisoners of ward 2 went on hunger strike.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 11 prisoners including 10 men from Ghezel Hesar prison and a woman from Gharchak prison of Varamin were transferred to solitaries of Ghezel Hesar prison for execution.


A prisoner of Ghezel Hesar prison told to HRANA’s reporter: “All the executed ones were from ward 2 where the death row prisoners are kept in. After these executions all prisoners of this ward went on hunger strike.”


“We did not get the food which is given to us by the prison and gave the food which we had bought from the prison shop to the guard room.” He stated about the hunger strike.


“There are 3000 death row prisoners in this ward. We want our cases to be retreated and the death penalties to be repealed.” He said about their demands.


There are some reports about the hunger strike in wards 1 and 4 too which is not confirmed yet.

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