13 executions in 11 days at central prison of Uromieh

HRANA News Agency – From Saturday, 18th October, till Wednesday, 29th October, within three rounds 13 prisoners were executed in the central prison of Uromieh (Darya) by hanging.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Saturday, 18th October, 5 prisoners named; Nejat Karimi, Esfandiar Ghahremani, Bahram Sadighi, A’rash Sigari and Fakhredin Zendehdeh with drug-related charges were taken to solitary confinements and just after the midnight their execution verdict were carried out.

Also in the early hours of Monday, 27th October, 5 other prisoners were executed by hanging in central prison of Orumieh. Among them, Salahedin Behnam, Rashid Alizadeh, Reza Tahmasbi and Younes Golbahar with drug-related charges and Latif Mohammadi with armed robbery charge were executed in central prison of Uromieh.

In addition, in the early hours of Wednesday 29th October, three prisoners named; Abraham Chopani, Hamed Hajilo and Keyhan Yousefi were executed by hanging in central prison of Uromieh on charges of murder. According to prisoners, Abraham Chopani was a feeble-minded person.

It should be mentioned that none of these execution have been announced by the official Iranian media.

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