Four Civil Activists Released from Orumiah Prison

HRANA News Agency – Sina Hasani, Ata Karimi, Gholam Gholizdeh and Ali Azizi, four civil rights activists  were released on bail from Orumiah prison after converting their  arrest decree to bail.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Sina Hasani, Ata Karimi were released on bail today, Wednesday 15 June, and Gholam Gholizdeh and Ali Azizi were released on Thursday, 11 June on bail.
These individuals were arrested on 6 and 7 June by the Intelligence department of the Revolutionary Guards in Orumiah after being involved in peaceful activities. Their houses were completely raided and searched by the security agents.
The exact reasons of their arrests are not exactly known, but it is said that the sixth branch of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiah is handling their cases.

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