17 Year Old Woman Beheaded by Her Husband

17-Years-Old Woman Beheaded by Her Husband

On February 5, 17 year old Mona Heydari was killed and beheaded by her husband in Ahvaz City. A video circulated on social media shows the man walking around the street with his wife’s head in his hand. Reportedly, the murderer saw it as an honor killing. These horrific pictures brought about a wave of criticism on social media regarding the regime and the Islamic Penal Code, arguing they encourage honor killings by exempting the murderer from severe punishment.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting ROKNA, around 3 PM in Kasai Square, Ahvaz City, the murderer showed up with his wife’s head in his hand for a minute and then left. When the incident was reported, police, along with homicide detectives, went to the spot and began the investigation.

Further investigation showed that after running away to Turkey, Heydari had been recently brought back by her husband to Iran, where she was then killed by her husband and brother-in-law. Reportedly, both men have been arrested by police.

On Sunday, one day after reporting this news, ROKNA news agency was closed down by authorities, apparently due to the report.

Honor killing or “shame killing” is the murder of an individual, mostly girls and women, by her family members or relatives for an act— such as adultery, divorce, avoiding forced marriage— that religiously or traditionally is deemed dishonorable or shameful. The Islamic Penal Code of Iran exempts the perpetrator from severe punishment.

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