2 Civil Activists’ Cases Sent Back to the Primarily Court

HRANA News Agency – Branch 7 of East Azerbaijan appeal court has referred the cases of Hossein Ali Mohammadi Alvar and Sayed Taha Kermani to the primarily court for the some amend.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), on Monday 22nd June, branch 7 of appeal court in East Azerbaijan province, because of the “mistake in the form” in statement issued against Hossein Ali Mohammadi Alvar and Sayed Taha Kermani, referred their case for amendment, to Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz.
The lawyers of this civil activist, last week on Wednesday 15th June and during the legal time for appeal, has appealed against the verdict and handed his objection statement to the verdict issuer regarding the contradictions in the verdict including “Failure to provide any evidence pointing to the conviction” and “Violation of the presumption of innocence” and asked for an appeal court hearing and accurate and legal proceedings on the cases of their clients, and following this, on 21st June, their cases were referred to the appeal court, Branch 7 of East Azerbaijan province, presided by Judge Ashrafi.
Hamid Bagherpour, president of branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz, had sentenced these two civil activists to 10 years imprisonment on charges of “Insulting religious sanctities” and “Setting public funds in fire to oppose with the Islamic Republic” in the primarily stage. These two civil activists, formerly, on charges of propaganda against the regime and insulting the leadership, because of the material published in the journal “Sosma” and “Sosozgool”, were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz, that precisely confirmed by the appeal court.
Each of these two activists have been sentenced to a total of 13 years imprisonment, while the court documents that were used as evidences for the conviction were based on their confessions during their interrogation, and the court found them guilty as their evidence does not reject Tabriz Intelligence Office’s report.
However, Kermani and Ali Mohammadi Alvar both rejected accusations in the court hearing, giving evidences about psychological and physical tortures in Intelligence Office solitary confinement, during their interrogations and calling for judicial investigation on the detention conditions and interrogation procedures by that office.
Seyed Taha Kermani, civil activist, was arrested on 4th November 2013, and after interrogation, was sent to Tabriz prison. On 15th April 2014, after more than five months in detention, he was released on the bail of 300 million Tomans.
Hossein Alimohammadi Alvar, who along with Mr. Taha Kermani and with similar charges was arrested, in the last case, was arrested on 1st March 2015, and was transferred to Tabriz prison. He is currently held in ward 12 of Central prison of Tabriz with non-implementation of the principle of prisoners’ separation based on their kind of crime.

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