2 Prisoners Executed in Khorramabad

Posted on: 25th February, 2017
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Adel Beyranvand

HRANA News Agency – Two prisoners with drug-related charges were executed in Parsilon prison of Khorramabad. It has been said that at the same time, the sentences of six other prisoners were upheld by the Supreme Court, and have been sent to the prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRANA), the death sentences of two prisoners with drug-related charges, were executed in Parsilon prison in Khorramabad on January 20.

Jahangir Beyranvand and Adel Beyranvand are the authenticated identities of these prisoners.

An informed source in this regard told HRANA’s reporter: “Adel Beyranvand was innocent and only based on the confession by the first defendant of the case he was executed, despite the lack of sufficient evidences to prove the crime”.

It is noteworthy that the death sentences of other six prisoners in this prison have been upheld by the Supreme Court and the prisoners have been informed of that.