A Sunni Prisoner Beaten Severely in the Hospital

HRANA News Agency – Hamzeh Darwish, a young Sunni prisoner at Evin prison, who suffers from mental illness, was severely beaten and insulted by a hospital staff member and two soldiers. He was beaten somehow that one of his ribs was cracked and bruises are obvious on the body and his eyes. However, prison authorities have done nothing regarding his situation.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Hamzeh Darwish, 23, Sunni prisoners from Talesh with mental illness is being held in hall 3 of ward 4 in Evin prison.

Mr. Darwish has been transferred to Taleghani hospital in Teharan, because of his illness, and has been chained and handcuffed to the bed.

This Sunni prisoner was not allowed to use the toilet but when they let him to go to toilet they asked him to go with shackles. Hamzeh Darwish objected and then two soldiers and one of the hospital staff reacted with severe violence.

Mr. Darwish was severely beaten and insulted by these people so that one of his ribs cracked. When he returned to prison, other inmates saw the sign of bruises under his eyes and on his chest.

This insulting and beating has happened while prison officials have taken no action regarding his complaint.

The identities of the soldiers who have beaten him are Amir Mohammadzadeh and Amirhossein Ahmadi, and the member of the hospital staff’s name is Mr. Arab.

This prisoner has been repeatedly insulted about his religious views during being transferred to the prison and has been denied of his medications since his arrest.

Hamza Darwish was arrested on charge of “illegally leaving the country”, and detained for 100 days in solitary confinement in Rasht Intelligence Service. For a while he was held in Lakan Prison in this city, and then was transferred to Evin prison. This prisoner was held in the quarantine ward in Evin prison for 35 days and was then transferred to hall 3 of ward 4.

Mr. Darwish had been arrested in June 2015 on similar charges and after two months of solitary confinement in the Intelligence Office, was released on the bail.

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