3 Arab Civilians Arrested in Ahvaz

HRANA News Agency – The intelligence forces in Ahvaz raided a house in Mollasheih and arrested three brothers. They beat the residents and broke the windows of the house. According to a close source to this family, their daughter was also beaten and their mother has been hospitalized due to a heart attack as the result of terrorizing behavior of the officers.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the intelligence forces of Ahvaz have arrested three Arab civilians in Mollashih, in west of Ahvaz, on Thursday October 4th. The three detainees are: Abdulmalek Haidari, 38, Mohammad Haidari, 26 and Emad Haidari, 25.
A close source to this family said to HRANA’s reporter, “The intelligence forces along with the Basij, have raided Hayal Haidari’s house, without any legal permission and arrested three children of this family while beating them and breaking the windows and some of the house equipment”.
This source continued, “Their daughter who was trying to prevent the officers from arresting her brothers was also beaten”.
This source finally emphasized that, “this terrorizing behavior ended in the heart attack of the mother of this family, and she has been hospitalized in ICU”.
Need to be mentioned that Emad Haidari had been summoned few times by intelligence service of Ahvaz, and was accused of missionary.
There is no information about the allegations and/or the location where they are being kept.

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