3 cyber activists sentenced to 9 years in prison

HRANA News Agency – Hamzeh Zargani, Saleh Tamouli (Tarfi) and Adel Sadooni are three Ahvazi citizens who have been sentenced to three years in prison, on charge of administrating pages in Facebook.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Saleh Tamouli (Tarfi) (30 years old), Hamzeh Zargani (30 years old) and Adel Sadooni (24 years old), the residents of Kooy-e-Alavi of Ahvaz were arrested by Ahvaz intelligence service on April 13.
These Facebook users have been charged in branch number 4 of Ahvaz revolutionary court for collusion against the government by administration of Facebook pages and activities against the government in social networks and sentenced to three years in prison.
This sentence is confirmed by court of appeal.
Karim Daihami told to HRANA’s reporter, “these three people were under severe physical and mental tortures for about two months in the detention center of intelligence service of Ahvaz”.
Need to be mentioned, these prisoners are kept in Ahvaz prison.

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