3 Pars Khodro Workers Still under Dentention

HRANA News Agency – Three labour activists who had been arrested after they went to their workplace, are still in custody, because they cannot afford the bail.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Davood Rafiei, and two other labour activists who were fired from Pars Khodro have been arrested on November 8 when they went to their workplace.

A close source to these labour activists stated that they were still in custody and told to HRANA’s reporter, “A bail of 500 million IRRs has been issued for Mr. Rafiei and the bails of 300 million IRRs for the 2 others. But these men cannot afford this amount and are still in custody”.

These workers were employed before the union protests in 2014.

The three labour activists went to their former workplace for negotiations about their status, but they were arrested in the factory.

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