4 Sunni prisoners are sentenced to death

HRANA News Agency – According to the announced sentences to Moulavi Fathi Mohammad Naghshbandi and his companion, four people are sentenced to death.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the sentences of Moulavi Fathi Mohammad Naghshbandi and his companions, on charge of murder of Moulavi Mostafa Jangi Zehi, the head and commander of Rask Basij base, has been issued and submitted to them in Zahedan prison.


The issued sentences are as following: Moulavi Fathi Mohammad Naghshbandi 15 years in prison and exile to Khalkhal, Abdulghafar Naghshbandi 12 years in prison and exile to an unknown place, Nezamoddin Mollazadeh, Malek Mohammad Abadian, Javad and Jaber Adian to death.


The sentences of Faghir Mohammad Raeisi and Golmohammad Balidei are not defined yet.


These sentences are issued despite the fact that during recent days the authorities and trusted officers promised for their release, due to lack of evidence and motive for this murder.


Moulavi Fathi Nghashbandi called these sentences baseless.


Needed to be mentioned, the family of Moulavi Mostafa Jangi Zehi, had submitted a consent and rejected the involvement of Moulavi Naghshbandi and his companions in this murder case.


Fathi Mohammad Naghshabandi, Abdulghafar Naghshbandi, Malek Mohammad Abadian, Hadi Abadian, Abdullah Abadian, Golmohammad Palidei, Jaber Abadian, Foad Abadian, Nezamoddin Mollazadeh, Faghir Mohammad Raeisi and Hamid Mollazadeh were arrested in March and February 2011.


Moreover, these heavy sentences are issued nearly 100 days after the last day of trial, while Mr. Younesi, the ethnicity groups and minorities and religions assistant of Mr. Rouhani, is speaking about assigning the high managerial roles to Sunnis and specifically Baluchs.

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