428 Boys & Girls Under 15 Married in Golestan

HRANA News Agency – The Director of Civil Registry in Golestan Province has announced that from March to August 2011, there have been 11,198 marriages registered in this province.Among these nuptials, there were 14 boys under 15 years of age, 414 girls under 14, and two children under 10.

According to a report by Mehr News Agency, Seifollah Abutoraby added, “There have been 15,327 births registered in Golestan Province compared to the same period of time last year when 14,880 births recorded, showing 3% growth.This total includes 7,955 boys and 7,327 girls, giving a ratio of 108 males to every 100 females.”

The Director of Civil Registry in Golestan Province reiterated, “According to the law, births must be registered within 15 days.Since 99% of all births are normally registered within 10 to 15 days, people are doing what is expected of them and obeying the law.If parents fail to register the birth of their child within the allotted time, they will be prosecuted.”

Seifollah Abutoraby said, “From the total number of registered births, there are 44.8% births in urban areas and 55.2% in rural regions.”

The Director of Civil Registry in Golestan Province added, “Death statistics indicate that from March to August 2011, there were 10,229 deaths registered.From this total, 6,840 deaths occurred prior to this period of time.Since the beginning of the current [Persian] year, there have been 3,389 deaths.Comparably, there were 3,418 deaths last year during the same period of time.Death statistics by gender include 57% men and 43% women.”

Seifollah Abutoraby pointed out, “Marriage and divorce statistics during the first five months of the current [Persian] year included 1,129 divorces with 81% of divorced women under 30 years of age.”


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