The 45th Edition of “Line of Peace” Has Been Published

HRANA News Agency – The forty fifth edition of the monthly “Line of Peace” has been published.

In the special case of this issue of the “Line of Peace”, under the title of “Cyber Security” some issues such as safe behavior in cyberspace, Hacktivism, dealing with filtering and censorship, and the relationship between security and human rights has been virtualized.

The “Line of Peace” in this context has had an interview with the Group of 19 Principle, the major groups in the fight against filtering and safe Internet use, and Arash Kamangir, security expert in social networks.

In this issue, you can read; memorandums and articles from Ali Kalaei, Ali Ajami, Delbar Tavakoli, Masoomeh Sharifi, Samuel Bakhtiari etc. In addition an article with the title of “Victimising Children’s Rights and Laws and Discretion against children” has been published. The article is written by Said Shirzad, children rights activist detained in Evin prison, for the “Line of Peace”.

Also an interview with Molavi Osman and Ghalandar zehi, a prominent Sunni scholar, about the unity between Sunni and Shiite has been published in this edition.

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