48th Number of Khat-e-Solh Monthly Published

HRANA News Agency – 48th issue of Khat-e-Solh (Line of peace) monthly was released and under the subject of “hanging rope the solution for drug problem”, possibility, reasons and needs for cancellation of execution for drug charges has been discussed in this volume.

In this number there are two interviews with Narges Mohammadi and Dr. Mahmood Amiri Moghadam, two well-known human right activists about the death penalty.

Besuides, Khat-e-Solh has made an interview with a prisoner of Ghezelhesar who has been sentenced to death for drug related charges.

In this issue, you will read about the viewpoints of Amirsalar Davoodi, Hasan Yousefi Ashkevari, Mohammad Mohebbi, Shahed Alavi, Ali Poorsoliman, Ali A’jami etc.

Also, you will read a note with the name of “the teacher who was teaching love” in memorial of Farzad Kamangar in the fifth anniversary of his execution on May 9, 2010.

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