5 executions in prison of Uremia

HRANA News Agency – 5 prisoners have been executed in Uremia Central Prison today morning.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 5 of the 6 death row prisoners who had been transferred to solitaries of Uremia Central Prison yesterday were executed this morning.


Karim Rasai, Javad Ghasem Zadeh, Hamid Islam Sokan, Rashid Keramat and Khezr Ahous are the 5 prisoners who were executed on charge of murder.


An informed source told to HRANA’s reporter: “Hamid Islam Sokan was informed about the execution when he was being transferred to the solitary yesterday. Because of that he resisted against the soldiers and they beat him hardly before taking him to the solitary.”


Seraj Al-din Rasai who was supposed to be executed could get the forgiveness of the complaints and was taken back to the ward.


According to the annual statistics of Human Rights Activists there have been 585 prisoners executed in Iran during 2013. 52% of these prisoners were executed on charge of drug trafficking.

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