6 months of prison for the conservative blogger

HRANA News Agency – Mojtaba Danesh Talab, the conservative blogger mullah who was toughly against the demonstrators in 2009 went to the prison because of a single criticism about a message of the Leader.

According to a report by the Kalameh website, Danesh Talab who was one of the pro-government cyber activists goes to prison charged with Propaganda against the government.

The reason of this charge is a note written by him about the condolence message of the Leader for the death of Khomeini’s son-in-low: “We cannot understand why the first person of the country gives condolence message for the death of a businessman who is only a relative of the former leader.”

This note caused him a trial in the revolutionary court. The judge there exonerated him but after the objection of the prosecuting attorney he was sentenced to 6 months of prison in another court.

According to what the pro-government activist have written he showed up in the prison to serve his sentence.

This cyber activist complained about being prevented to read his case just because of being a security case.

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