The 62nd Number of “Peace Line Monthly” Has Been Published

HRANA News Agency – The sixty- second issue of the “Peace Line Monthly” was published.

In this issue and under the title of “dignity and human dignity”, there are discussions about the lashing in Iran and other aspects of violation of human dignity.

Accordingly, an interview took place with Dr. Farhad Sabetan, spokesman for the Baha’i International Community to the United States and a member of the advisory board of Human Rights Activists in Iran.

Also, human dignity, margins and its theoretical roots, is the topic of conversation with Muhammad Moghimi, a lawyer in Tehran.

Susan Mohammad Khani Ghiasvand also in a detailed report, including an interview with Golaleh Kamangar and Shahoo Hosseini, the author and journalist, has addressed lashing the mineworkers of Aghdare.

Also an article has been written by Dr. Fariborz Rais Dana in this regard.

In this issue there are articles and reports of Reza Alijani, Hasan Farshtian, Hoseein Ahmadi Niaz, Mehdi Hamidi Shafigh, Ali Kalaee, Mohammad Mohebi, Amir Hossein Zolghadri and a number of other human rights defenders.

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