The 66th Number of Peace Line Monthly Has Been Published

HRANA News Agency – The sixty-sixth issue of the “Peace Line Monthly” was published. This special number of the Peace Line is allocated to “women’s sports and the challenges ahead”.

In this issue, Parvin Ardallan, well-known activist for women’s rights commented about the recent international competitions of women’s chess in Iran.

Also Solmaz Sharif, pioneer journalist in women’s sports is the other guest who has spoken about the capacity, obstacles and approaches to the development of women’s sports in Iran.

In another conversation, Tonya Vali Oghli veteran swimmer and member of the national team of Iran before the revolution, explores the situation of women’s sports in Iran before and after the revolution.

In this issue also an interview took place with Ayatollah Abdolhamid Masomi Tehrani, well-known cleric in Tehran about the recent Fatwa of Ayatollah Khamenie regarding prohibiting the women from cycling in public.

In addition, Colin Anderson, one of the most recognized experts in the field of cyber security particularly in Iran, commented about the mobility and cyber activities of the Iranian government and the national Internet project.

In this issue there are more articles and reports from Reza Alikhani, Mehdi Hamidi Shafigh, Farzaneh Jalali, Ellaheh Amani, Mohammadjavad Akbarian, Mohsen Farshidi, Ali Kalaiee and other human rights defenders.

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