The 69th Number of Peace Line Monthly Was Published

HRANA News Agency – The 69th issue of Khat-e-Solh (Peace Line) Monthly was published.

In this issue, titled with “The Dead, Buried Alive” we have addressed the state of homelessness in the country.

Saeed Madani, sociologist and senior researcher of social issues, was interviewed and he discussed about the nature of homelessness and the phenomenon of sleeping in the graves.

Mr. Madani spoke about of the growing homelessness and reduction of the homeless population, addicts or schizophrenias as a major theoretical and analytical error.

In an interview with Khosro Sadeghi Boroujeni, researcher in the fields of sociology and political economy, we spoke about the issue of “eugenics and sterilization of male and female homeless.”

Leilly Arshad, social worker and director of a center of reducing addiction’s harms in Tehran, spoke about why the homeless would not attend her center.

In this issue, colleagues of peace line have gone to southeast of Tehran (Area 15) and spent time with the homeless at Khavaran. They spoke about the unemployment and the poor state of incubation of Tehran.

Another contributor of the issue, Fateme Ekhtesari abbreviated, poet and human rights has addressed the question of “Which contraceptive method is the most suitable for female homeless?”

In the 69th issue of Peace Line Monthly, you can read articles from Hossein Raisi, Osman Mozyan, Shahin Sadeghzadeh Milani, Elahe Amanii, Andishe afari, Mohammad Aghazadeh, Mohammad Habibi and other human rights and civil rights activists.

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