7 Sunni prisoners are threatened to be executed

HRANA News Agency – The intelligence agents threatened 7 Sunni prisoners in Evin prison to execute them.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Kaveh Veisi, Kaveh Sharifi, Behrouz Shah Nazari, Shahram Ahmadi, Arash Sharifi, Taleb Maleki and Mokhtar Rahimi, the 7 death row Sunni prisoners in Evin prison have been threatened by 4 intelligence agents on Tuesday January 28th.


An informed source told to HRANA’s reporter: “The intelligence agents have gone to Evin prison on Tuesday. They have called each one of the 7 prisoners individually to a room and threatened them that they will execute them.”


“The agents have told: ‘You have been propagating against the regime and changed the minds of people in Kurdistan against us. You are considered as “Enemies of the God” because you don’t accept our regime. The “Enemies of the God” must be executed and if you don’t cooperate with us you will be executed, too.’” He said.


This source said: “The Sunni prisoners have told that they are not “Enemies of the God” and are just demanding their violated rights.”


These 7 Sunni prisoners have been sentenced to death by Judge Mogheysei  in branch 28 of Tehran revolutionary court which is confirmed as well in the Supreme Court.

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