8 Prisoners Executed in Zahedan

HRANA News Agency – 8 prisoners, 5 of whom were charged with drug related crimes and three others with murder, were executed in two days in Zahedan Prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following the new wave of executions in different prisons which started after few months pause, 8 prisoners were executed in Zahedan Prison.

At least 5 unidentified prisoners with drug related charges were hanged on Saturday, April 30th after going through the legal process and in the presence of the prosecutor’s representative, in Central Prison of Zahedan. HRANA is trying to identify these prisoners.

At least three other executions were carried out on May 1st.

The identities of the executed prisoners which have been confirmed are as following:

Jamshid Dehlavi, charged with homicide, 30 years old who had been kept in prison since 8 years ago.

Sadegh Rigi, charged with homicide, 35 years old who had been kept in prison since 7 years ago.

Mohammad Sanjooli, 22 years old who has been kept since 5 years ago in the juvenile offenders’ ward.

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