A Bahai student has been deprived of studying in the university

HRANA News Agency – Ayda Bandi the Baha’i citizen and the student of English literature in Shiraz PNU has been deprived of studying.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the university officials asked this Baha’i citizen to be converted into Islam or flee the country as the other Baha’is.


She explains the story due to the following letter she sent to HRANA: 


The following text is an explanation of since starting the second semester of English literature in Shiraz PNU:


“I attended the classes after electronic registration and picking units and The time of registering in person arrived. I prepared all the required documents but when I handed over the documents I left the religion check box empty that immediately the responsible employee asked me to fill the check box and I wrote Baha’i. In this step of registeration I was supposed to give the form signed and stamped by the responsible employee to the next employee but she took the form and said “No worry, go and complete the other steps, this paper will be remained here and tell the next responsible that Mrs. … has this paper.”


I completed the registration steps as the others and got my student ID card.


Two days later I got a phone call around 8:30 A.M., “We are calling from PNU, your dossier has problem and go to Tehran for solving the issue.”


I asked what kind of problem it is but they did not answer me. The same day I had class and I went earlier to find out at least who called me. I went to the office of Dr. Ramezani the head of the university. They did not give visit permission. His secretary told me to write a letter. I wrote and I was waiting for two hours in front of his office. Therefore I wrote in the end of the letter that “Mr. Mahbodi please follow up” and I mentioned that I do not know what is the problem of my dossier.


I met Mr. Mahbodi the responsible employee for registrations and he wrote “I do not know what is the problem but there is no study contuation premit for her until it is not checked with Mr. Zare”. I brought the letter back to the head of the university but again I got no answer until it became the lunch time and he came out of his room and had no more choice rather than hearing what I say; I said the story and he took my phone number to contact me.


The same day in the afternoon they called me from university and said that we are following up and actually we do not know who called you but we will call you tomorrow for sure. But they did not call me until I called back after one week. Because it was close to the exams and I was worry that maybe they will not issue the exams’ entrance permission.


Due to the call I found the one who called me and it was the director of university education section and told me we will not give you any explanations via phone, come here.


I went and they told me stay back and put your bag in the end of the room! Put your cellphone into your bag! Perhaps they were worry from recording their voice or even suicide attack!


Finally I have been told that you know what your problem is. I said I know what is my issue but not the problem. -He was talking very very low that I had to ask continuously WHAT? As someone else was supposed to hear their voice that should not!


He told me “convert to Islam and continue your study or flee such as the other Baha’is and continue your studies abroad. Also I am sorry that you cannot study here, but I cannot do anything for you.” Why I cannot be here? What’s my faith business with my study? He said “it is the law. Even with going to Tehran nothing will change. Nowhere could solve your problem.” I returned home and checked the university website, I could not log in etc.”

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