A Child Laborer Gang-Raped and Killed

HRANA News Agency – Eleven Afghani workers kidnapped, gang-raped and murdered a child laborer in a region known as Pardis in the city of Karaj, Alborz Province, Iran.

According to a report by Shargh Newspaper, on Saturday, October 22, 2011, an anonymous caller contacted the police and reported this crime.The caller provided the police with the address of a building under construction in Pardis neighborhood and informed the law enforcement that a child’s body had been abandoned in the basement of this building.

Agents from Police Station 207 in Tehran were immediately dispatched to the scene of this crime where a blood trail led them to the body of a young boy who was tied to a wooden post.Following this discovery, the Special Homicide Prosecutor was notified, and investigators were assigned to the case.

In the basement of this building, investigators also discovered women’s clothing and have concluded that there might be other victims involved.So far, no other bodies have been found.

Further investigations have revealed that the individual guarding this building was an Afghani worker called Ghadier.He has reportedly escaped, and efforts to find him are ongoing.

The young victim has been identified to be a fifteen year old boy called Saeed.His father had reported him missing four days prior to the discovery of the body.Saeed’s father had also received an anonymous phone call about the murder of his son and told the police, “Because of financial problems, my son worked to help paying our expenses.Every day after returning from school, my son sold vegetables on streets.There were no problems until Tuesday night when Saeed didn’t return home.So we called the police and asked Basij Militia for help.Agents started searching for my son but didn’t find him.Since then, we had no news of him until someone called my cell phone and gave me the address of a building under construction.The caller said my son’s body was there.”

Investigations have revealed that an eyewitness had seen Saeed on Tuesday night.This eyewitness told the police that he had seen a few Afghani men first talking to Saeed and then forcing him into a building under construction.At the time, police agents were unable to locate the right building and had searched another location by mistake.The police had also arrested a few Afghani men, but they were released since there was no evidence against them.

After discovering Saeed’s body, the police interviewed the eye-witness again and found new clues resulting in ten new arrests.The suspects have confessed to kidnapping and gang-rapping Saeed and have told the police that he suddenly lost consciousness and died.The suspects also claimed to have wrapped Saeed’s body in a blanket and hidden it in the basement of the building.

The medical examiner has declared the cause of death to be gang-rape.Meanwhile, Ghadier remains at large, and the manhunt for the guard continues.The police is also investigating the possibility that other murders might have occurred in the same location since women’s clothing were discovered there.

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