A Kurd arrested by Iranian Etela’at officers on security charges

HRANA News Agency– It is more than two weeks that a Kurd has been summoned and arrested by Etela’at of Khoy and there is no news about his condition.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), A Kurd whose name is Feisal Doudkanlou the son of Hassan from Agh Dash village belongs to Khoy municipality, has been arrested more than two weeks ago by Etela’at and since that time he has not contacted his family.
Despite of his family’s haunt to Etela’at and security departments, they could not ind out any news about Feisal’s condition.
According to the same report, Iranian security officials claimed that Feisal Doudkanlou accused to security charges.
The charges on him by Iranian regime and no news about his condition worried his family too much.
Also Feisal’s father has been killed by Iranian polices a few years ago on charge of cooperation with Kurdish subversive parties.

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