A Kurd from Salmas summoned and interrogated

Hrana News Agency– Another Kurdish citizen summoned by a phone call to Etela’at of Islamic revolutionary guards of Salmas and interrogated.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ali Hamidi the son of Ahmad the Kurdish citizen, resident of Salmas from KhorKhoora village has been interrogated and threatened for couple of hours in Islamic revolutionary guards Etela’at of Salmas.

According to reports, this happens while in the past few weeks most of the Kurdish people in this city was been interrogated in a continuous and systematic way about their children out of Iran; and has been asked for their children IDs and photos.
Also due to the report, during the interrogation Ali Hamidi threatened that if he will not prepare the requested documents related to his son, then he will be transferred to Etela’at ministry for more investigations which the consequences will be bad for him.
It has to be mentioned that Vali Hamidi the son of Ali, Kurdish political activist and student expelled from private university of Salmas was able to escape on July 2008 from Islamic revolutionary guards after he has been beaten and tortured. Then he was hidden in the village but the armed forces of Islamic revolutionary guards targeted the village by semi-heavy weapons and harassed people and kids in the village. Finally Ali Hamidi and his son Amir arrested and Vali Hamidi because of fears of Islamic revolutionary guards, fled and illegally crossed the border, also now he resides in Canada.
In addition, the accusation from Iranian security officials to this Kurdish citizen is cooperating with PJAK.
Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

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