A New Year Message from Dayeh Saltaneh, Farzad Kamangar’s Mother

HRANA News Agency – Dayeh Saltaneh, Farzad Kamangar’s mother, has released a message on the occasion of Nowruz [the Persian New Year]. Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) has translated this message from Kurdish to Farsi and released it. The exact message reads as follows:

Last Nowruz, when I went to Evin Prison anticipating my son’s release, he was saying to me with high hopes, “Mother, Nowruz will certainly be the day of freedom, and we will celebrate it together.” Alas, they took my child from me.


From his students, they took away a teacher; from his people, they took away the embodiment of benevolence. Then again, what is left for those who have taken Farzad from me?

The Kurdish people went on public strike throughout the region to stand in solidarity with Farzad and his comrades. Didn’t they see this either?

I hope to celebrate, on a day like this, the release of our other imprisoned children altogether. I don’t believe the day foretold by my Farzad is far away. I wish to stay alive to see my son’s dream of freedom and equality to come true.

Now I see it fit to salute all the fallen and political prisoners and convey Farzad’s words to them, “There is a light on the horizon.”

Happy new year to all,

Dayeh Saltaneh, Farzad Kamangar’s Mother

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