A prisoner’s death sentence has been confirmed

HRANA News Agency – A man who is charged with killing the woman he was engaged with because of suspicion, has been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court.

According to a report by Khorasan newspaper, a man who is charged with killing the woman he was engaged with and wounding her brother and sister with a knife is going to be hanged soon since the death sentence has been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Behrouz, the 24 years old young man, who this report claims has killed the woman he was engaged with says: “Some while ago Masoumeh and I got engaged. I went to Switzerland to work after a while I got a good condition there and I returned to take Masoumeh with me. During this time I talked with her with Telephone and talked with him about the life in Switzerland but she didn’t give me a clear answer. One day I went to her father’s house to talk with them about the situation. I was talking with her father while she was talking with telephone on the roof. I called her several times but she didn’t answer me. I got angry and went to see what she is doing. I asked whom are you talking with but she didn’t answer. She totally ignored me, there I became suspicion and attacked her with a knife I had in my pocket. When her sister and brother came I attacked them, too.”

He was known guilty by the court and sentenced to death.

Also he has been sentence to imprisonment and surcharge because of wounding Masoumeh’s sister and brother.

He complained against the sentence and the case was sent to the Supreme Court but there the sentence was confirmed. Now he will be hanged soon unless the Masoumeh’s family withdraws.

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