A worker committed suicide in his former work place

HRANA News Agency – One of the fired workers of the Islamic Republic Railway Company ended his life yesterday in the yard of the “Steam Generator” part of this company.

Majid-P hanged himself in the gardens of this part last Tuesday.

One of his co-workers said to ILNA: “Today morning at 8:15 while I was going to the work I saw security agents gathering in the garden, when I went closer I saw Majidbeing hanged from a tree in the garden.”

According to him, Majid has tied his hands with a belt and there was a letter in his pocket.

Another co-worker of him confirms that there was letter including his reasons of the suicide in his pocket.

“Majid was almost 30 years old and last year during a change in the employer companies he was fired because of what was said to be “being suspected of addiction to drugs.” Says his co-worker

He believes Majid’s suicide has a definite message to the authorities of the company which he has written in his letter.

Another co-worker of him says Majid was under a huge pressure after being fired. “He had divorced from his wife and after giving his 6 years old child to his ex-wife he became more down.”

“Majid had killed his child 2 days ago and escaped after that.” He says

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